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Week 13 Update

June 30, 2008

With Shosty’s #7 rumbling the castle walls, I humbly present the week 13 LP3 NIPR stats:

Leningrad architecture

Some interesting moves this week. The Poap completed his ascent to the top of the “Pitching Quality” (PQUAL) rankings. And he did it with some flare, setting season best marks in ERA (1.26) and Whip (0.82).

Monday morning trivia. What do the Athletic, White Sock, Blue Jay, and D-Ray (yeah, F you… they’re still the D-Ray to me) have in common?

Well, those are the top ERA pitching staffs in the league. They all also happen to have a better staff ERA and Whip than the average in our league (ERA 3.79 and Whip 1.29). So, I don’t understand a couple things:

  • Why are the top 4 pitching staffs in the league from the AL? [Sidebar: does this mean we can get rid of the DH now?]
  • Why is the LP3 average so high? We’re a little higher than last year even, but with fewer teams.

It’s such a wonderful, sunny Monday morning… and for the first time in memory a little Planet face shone out at me on the “Hot Fantasy Performers” list in Yahoo. Thanks Bobby Abreu for the sugar and the tiny D-ray of hope. [He he. D-Ray. Get it.]

more coffee… yow, bill

PS – Shosty



Week 12 Update

June 26, 2008


Cub sweep Sock at Wrigley. Ryan Dempster added the exclamation point, shutting the Sock down on Sunday night baseball. Cha!

woot… yow, bill

Ryan Dempster beating the Sock on Sunday night baseball

Week 11 update

June 16, 2008

Yo yo yo,

Week 11:

The Mini-Cub continue to roll, as do the “real” Cub with the best record in all of baseball at 45-25.

woot… yow, bill
Cub win. Cub win. Cub win.

Week 10 Update

June 9, 2008


The little dogs (er, um, Killer Maltese III) ascended to first place biting the Mini-Cub in the ankle 8-1.

The KM3 numbers are ridiculous: 120 TB, 40 run, 40 rbi, 11 HR, and even 6 steals a week. These numbers are clearly unsustainable. Didn’t I say that like 6 weeks ago?


The little dogs visit the Planet in week 11. Stay tuned.

woof… yow, bill

Week 9 Update

June 2, 2008


The Real Cub just finished a 7-0 homestand and lead the bigs with a 36-21 record. The Mini-Cub lead the LP3 with a 45-31-4 record, and the boys haven’t lost in 5 weeks.

huzzah… yow, bill